Sunday, September 11, 2016

Time to step away!

I was a little too hasty in my last join so I retro-tatted to pull up the tension.  That cleaned up the join but then I tatted 4 double stiches and started to close the ring early with my wet, wet hands.  So now the thread is wet and I need to add 4 more double stitches.
Wet thread does not work well when opening rings.
So I've decided it is best to just walk away until the thread dries. Otherwise I'll likely end up breaking the thread....


  1. Ah yes, sometimes it's best to step away for a bit.

  2. The frustrations in tatting are worth it in the end, but so hard to get through some times. I am sure it will be beautiful when you are done!!! :)

  3. I've had to do that as well. Walking away was a good choice!

  4. Hair drier comes in handy for such mishaps.... Now how do I know that??? LOL


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