Monday, November 16, 2015

A magnifying find....

Yesterday I went to the St Marks high School craft show.  They do it as a fundraiser every year for the school.  and There's over 100 vendors that actually make there own stuff!  I get irritated when I go to a craft show and it's all stuff from China but this one never has that problem.
The problem is that it takes all my money!  Lol!  I purchased this neat magnifying glass for $20.  It had a chain but I left the chain behind because I'm going to make a beaded or tatted chain.  The vendor also had ones with horn handles but those didn't have a necklace option.  As you can see the magnifying glass is small and I thought it would be handy when tatting.  I can check to see what I've done! 


  1. What a great find! I've always loved magnifying glasses. I think I'll be on the lookout for one... maybe it will help me improve!

  2. Ooh, I can see why you'd get that, it's wonderful! I have a big magnifying lens on a stand for at home but that one could go in my tatting bag. On tatting out and about...l


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