Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Some of the shuttles I collected in September

During September I went to the palmetto Tatdays and the fringe element Tatdays.  I also went to a national chiropractic conference in Niagara Falls.  It seems I hardly worked!
Part of the fun of the Tatdays is learning new stuff and buying stuff from friends.   I will show you the huge stash of books I purchased later but today is about shuttles.  Below is a picture of some of the shuttles I acquired through lawful means.  The bird is made by Norm Reid from the Fringe Element organizing committee.  He does a lovely job with these whimsical birds.  The one below it is a custom order by Monica at NAG studio.  The one diagonal to it is by her as well.  It's one of their newer designs, it looks like a pair of lips to me so I call it my kiss shuttle but they have a different name for it.  Finally the white shuttle is a commemorative 10th anniversary Fringe shuttle.


  1. All are lovely, but I would love to own one of those lovely little birds!

    1. I'll ask Norm if I can send you his contact information or we can do a swap! I have 2 birds and could let one go....

  2. It looks like you now have a shuttle for every occasion! What lovely wood and workmanship. I can see how you couldn't resist.

  3. Lovely shuttles! I hope to go to the fringe event next year. It will be the first time I would attend such an event. Is it possible to buy the bird shuttle somewhere?


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