Sunday, April 26, 2015

While avoiding my taxes....

In canada taxes are due on April 30th so I've been finalizing my taxes.  Of course some avoidance is happening.  I keep finding "urgent" stuff to do.  There's just a few more details I need to call about tomorrow then I'm done.  I don't like the final number but what can you do?  I'm an independent contractor so I make payments but often I owe more.  
On a happier note I've been working on Karey Solomon's Turning Year Doily.  I've finally finished May!  Now I'm onto June.  I'm using size 20 thread dyed by Karey.  It currently measures just over 7 inches across and I've still got the rest of the year to go!


  1. Little wonder you feel like avoiding tax documents , when you have such a Beautiful doily going along ! Love all those rings & 'ringlets' :-) Never seen this one before.

  2. Taxes... yuck! I guess they have to get done, though. The doily looks beautiful!

  3. Nothing we can do about taxes, sigh. But your doily is looking good! I like the direction those colors are going.

  4. I got my taxes done and what little I got back.....has already been spent!!

    1. I started a long time ago but you know how life gets in the way. Now its time to catch up!

  5. Beautiful doily and beautiful thread! Mailed in my taxes last week. :-b


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