Wednesday, March 25, 2015

16 days to Finger Lakes Tatting Seminar!!

There's only 16 days until the Finger Lakes Tatting Seminar!!!  I'm so excited but I've been too busy to pack.  The other Chiropractor in our clinic fell and is off work for the next week.  So the days have been full of clinic stuff and I'm working her practice as well as my own.  Not so much time for obsessing over what to pack.  Its a goal this weekend to get it ready.  Next weekend is Easter and so I won't have time to pack. 
My cat and one of my dogs have teamed up to eat some the Easter Eggs I added tatting to last year.  The cat was knocking them on the floor and the dog was chewing up the egg.  Fortunately the tatting is fine but its a pain to add a new egg.  I will have to cut the whip stitching, add the tatting to the new egg and make new stitching.  I was not impressed because it took me awhile to figure out how Lucky was getting the eggs so more than one was destroyed.  Last year I was in the mood and did some additional weaving around the whip stitching.  I 'm not so sure that I will have the patience to do it again.  My poor, poor eggs!
The egg is gone but the tatting remains!


  1. What a clever pair you've got there. You stand no chance if the cat and dog are working together. Shame you can't use their talents in your job!

  2. I like ve your egg! Sorry your dog did too! Wish I could go to finger lakes...

  3. Oh no! How amazing that the cat and dog co-operated, even if the result was rather horrible.

  4. So bright and cheerful! Cats and dogs do like to play, and it sure is difficult to keep them from the things we love.

  5. Awww...such a pretty egg!! I hope they learn to leave your new ones alone! :)


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