Thursday, August 1, 2013

A special visitor...

I'll give you one guess who decided to visit my yard this morning.  He's black and white and wears too much perfume.   Yep, a skunk decided to visit my yard.   My dog started barking like crazy a few minutes after I let her outside this morning.  She's a Shih Tzu so she barks a lot anyways but I went outside see why she was barking and there's a small skunk waddling through my lawn!

So at 6am this morning I'm yelling at my dog to get inside. 

There was no way I was going outside to get sprayed.  Eventually Kneessa came inside, not really sure what the fuss was about (I think she thought it was a cat).  I don't think the skunk was too threatened by the yappy dog but the screaming woman might have been irritating.  No-one got sprayed so I'm considering myself lucky.


  1. MY skunk doesn't spray so you're welcome to visit him!!!


  2. I admit this gave me quite a chuckle. However I wouldn't be thrilled, either, if it were in MY yard! We have all kinds of critters around here, but I've never seen a skunk, thank goodness! I can hear you yelling at the dog (and the dog ignoring you)! So funny!


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