Monday, April 8, 2013

A few thoughts...

A few weeks ago Diane at Lace-lovin' Librarian did a comparison of the larger tatting shuttles.  I found this comparison really interesting and helpful.   I didn't know that clover had made a larger shuttle and was happy to read about it.   In the past I've used mostly clover shuttles but lately I find larger shuttles more comfortable.  I like the normal clovers because they are small, thin, and easy to move around the thread.   I agree with Diane that there is something about the plastic they use to make the clovers that is more snugly than other shuttles.  Even the imitation clovers don't have the same feel.  Unfortunately, the same thing that makes clovers easy to handle is the same thing that's been irritating my thumb and wrist.  They are so small that gripping them for long tatting sessions is difficult (I know I shouldn't be tatting that long without a break...bad tatter!). 

This tip will have to go...any suggestions?

 I received  a Tatsy shuttle last fall from Kelly Dunn (tatfully yours) after she won a few at the Fringe Elements raffle table.  Since she's a needle tatter she had no use for the Tatsy shuttle.  When I used the Tatsy I was surprised that it was more comfortable to handle than I remembered.   In the past I found them bulky.  Since then I've pulled out a couple of larger shuttle brands I've picked up over the years and enjoyed tatting with them.

Right now, the thicker shuttles are more comfortable in my hands.  This is the complete opposite to about 2 years ago when I found them cumbersome.  I'm planning on picking up a Starlit shuttle this weekend to try out (and maybe a few more).  I'm hoping that I will like the thicker shuttle although I know I will have to do something about that tip.

 I collect shuttles for interest I never expected to use most of them. I guess there's a right time and place for each shuttle.   While I won't be giving away my clovers I'm really thank-full that there's a selection of shuttles out there.   A big thanks to all the people who work to provide choices for tatters.


  1. Diane posted once about removing the long tip from here Starlite shuttles.
    She should be able to give you any tips you need.

  2. I don't like the pic on the Starlits at all! I've been having my husband snip them off and sand them down. I find I like the shuttle much better. I imagine it's possible to file the tip into one similar to the Clover, but I don't have the tools or the dexterity for that. It seems that I read that someone used a Dremel tool to modify the pic. Good luck!

  3. I hope you can find the right shuttle to be able to tat comfortably. I do love your new header!


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