Thursday, March 7, 2013


If anyone out there is planning on taking my class this spring at the Finger Lakes tatting seminar then I have some simple homework for you.  I'm hoping that we'll get a really good start on the class if we do the simple tatting ahead of time.  It will give us lots of time to work out any mistakes or problems that you have with the pattern. 

Northern Star Prep

size 20 thread in color of choice
1 shuttle, wind 1 yard on shuttle CTM

lp- long picot
p- picot
vsp- very small picot

Center Motif  (picture in header of page)

Make 2 motifs, one for the front and one for the back

R1       6 lp  6
C1       6 vsp 6
*R       6 +(lp)  6
  C       6 vsp 6*

repeat from * to * 4 times.  Join to base of R1, cut and hide ends

Now you are ready for my class.  See you in April!


  1. Thanks for the homework. I`ll get it done after the housework!!! Looking forward to seeing you again in April!!

  2. Wow!! That star on the top of your page looks awesome!!! :)

  3. This star looks beautiful. I am just too far away to participate....... Too much water in between.

    Hope you will have a lot of participants and we can see a lot of stars after it.



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