Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gone fishing

I'm spending today at the cottage with the family. The weather is beautiful. It's nice to be tatting by the water.


  1. What an interesting piece! Love the gentle colors...

  2. Does the cottage have this great view? And its own boat? Very cool! In the '50s My parents used to rent a cottage at a small lake about two hours away (in Pennsylvania), It didn't have a lake view, but the lake was in walking distance. Always enjoyed going there as a kid. A 'new' very large man-made lake was created the 1970s (only about an hour away) which has picnic tables with great views of the lake (no cottages). I love to go there for the day and tat while watching the sailboats!

    That's a unique motif!

  3. Ohhh - that looks so Haliburton Happiness or Marvellously Muskokan to me! Lucky you!

    Nice tatting too!
    Fox : )


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