Monday, January 23, 2012

Catching up

Its so annoying that its been 3 weeks since my last post.  I never seem to have everything to together at the right times.  I've also been busy trying to catch up to everything that happened over the holidays and we've had some big projects at the clinic to finish.   We're trying to get ahead of the game.
The coolest thing happened on New Year's eve.  I went with my friends Salima and Hafeez to the Congress Center for the New Year's Eve Gala.  The evening was dinner, live band and door prizes.   The prizes were  LCBO baskets (booze),  a suite at the next Toronto- Ottawa Hockey game with all beverages and food included and  a trip for 2 to the Iberostar Bravura in Punta Cana Dominican Republic!   The other people at the table were laughing at us as we negotiated what to do if we win.  We never win these things but its fun to imagine winning.  
Since we never win we were not really paying attention to what we won when our number came up.  I gave the ticket to Hafeez to go pick up the prize.  He`s big hockey fan and was so disappointed when he realised it wasn`t the hockey tickets that he didn`t listen when they told him what we won.  He had no clue!  Everyone kept congratulating us so we sent back to find out what the prize was and it was the trip!  Seriously.
So we`re shutting down the clinic on March 24th-31st and going on a trip.  Salima didn`t want to go without Hafeez and her son Ayan so we`ve purchase a few extra tickets.  This way we can all go and it`ll be a half price trip! 
That`s why we`re all trying really hard to get everything done in January that we usually take 3 months to do!


  1. Very cool (and amusing) story! I had a feeling you had won the trip after all! My neighbor has been there and had a great time. Congratulations! That will be fun to look forward to!

    I like your cute bracelet on your header!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    Your trip should be a lot of fun.


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