Monday, September 26, 2011

Waiting for pictures...

Every time there's a tatting seminar I look for pictures.  While I feel a bit like a stalker looking for the pictures I want the 2nd hand experience the pictures provide.  Last weekend there were 2 great events going on so I'm looking forward to hearing about the mayhem.  Its sad to miss out on a gathering of tatters.  What do you call a group of tatters?

I made up for missing out on tatting by attending the Annual Gem and Mineral show here in Ottawa.  I got a great deal on some beads but regretted not buying more.  When there's a big selection I always feel like I bought the wrong stuff no matter what I buy.   The same happens when buying threads during a seminar.  I get home and wonder what I was thinking and why didn't I buy the other colors!  I could solve that problem by having an unlimited amount of money so I could buy everything...but unfortunately that's not reality. 

I felt much better about my choices once I started to make stuff.  I ended up finally making a bracelet I've had in my head for awhile.  I had the clasp ready and waiting I've just never had the right time and right stones.  Although I didn't use a pattern I think that both Kaye Judt and Yarnplayer Marilee Rockley sell a pattern very similar.  The picture really isn't great and it doesn't show up the shades of white-grey-black in the stones. The amulet on the left I made with the center stone in the tatting and then sewed moonstones on afterwards.  The picture is crappy but its pretty.

Going to go check the blogs for more projects and pictures from the weekend....

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  1. Please let me know if you find any pictures from the weekend anywhere. I will maybe put pictures up on my blog later on today. I just want to tell you that I won in the silent auction your purple amulet that had the heart charm in the center necklace. It is very pretty and I really like it. There will be a picture of that on my blog also later on.
    Also...I love the gemstone that are the blue with the specks of black in them. What gems are those. Do yo have anymore of those? I have never attended a gem show. Sounds like it would be fun. I do have under my bed though plastic containers of uncut raw gems that my father had. He use to cut and make jewelry. He was known as Gem Cutter on the CB radio. Do you remember the CB radio era? Seems like so long ago now. Thank you for making the necklace that I now own. LOve it lots. YOur necklace make some good money for the scholarship fund.


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