Friday, July 9, 2010

I've done something to my blogger acount...

Don't you hate it when you innocently brush something on the keyboard and the computer goes haywire? Somehow I've magnified my screen in blogger beyond what my computer keeps telling me is my optimal resolution. Since I have no idea how I did this amazing thing I have no idea how to fix it. As I'm typing the letters and spacing are distorted and its kinda giving me a headache.

On Sunday I started to teach my neighbor how to tat. It was a little difficult because she wanted to know all the details first like how to make a picot and do a join but I just wanted her to learn the knot. I figure if she gets the knot and flip the rest is easy. I sent her home with a shuttle, thread and the Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones. She's going to practice her knot. I have every confidence that she can pick it up because she HAND SEWS. Yep, no sewing machine in her house and she makes lovely dresses by hand. So if she can do that she can definitely tat.

When I tat I often use beads and make a lot of beaded joins so I am really interested in Jon's latest post. She shows a way to make the bead sit on top of a join. I think its really smart but it also made me that I should share the way that I added some of the beads on my sun catchers. I'll take some pictures tonight and post tomorrow. Stay Tuned.
(picture included so you'll read the post! lol!)


  1. Beautiful. I love your creativity.
    I'm just finished something like your but an other way. You can see it in my blog.

  2. I had no trouble reading your blog. Did you fix it? Maybe it's just the display on your ocmputer that is the problem? Sometimes if you hit CTRL and scroll with the mouse at the same time, it enlarges or reduces the page depending on which direction you went.

  3. Try "ctrl" key plus "-" key to reduce the size of your screen, maybe a few times until the screen is the size you want. You can do "ctrl" plus "+" to enlarge.
    Good luck.


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