Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's party

I love Valentine's and have decided to join Craftaholic's Valentines day linky party. You can find out about this at:
For the linky party I thought I would share the message ornaments I made. They are very simple and the tatting is basic.
This is an absolutely beginner pattern. For those of you who don't know how to tat I highly recommend this site to learn: You will be able to do this pattern after watching the tutorial. I've written out the pattern in long form for people who've never tatted before. Even if you think its not working don't worry you are gluing the tatting to a heart anyways.

size 10 thread 2 yards
foam hearts (or wooden ones)
Short terms:
p-picot (made by leaving extra thread between the double stitches which forms a loop when you snug up the stitches)
lp- large picot (leave more thread)
lj- 1st half stitch unflipped, 2nd half flipped (if this is your first time tatting then just make a square knot)

Chain 10 p 1 lp 1 p 10 p 1 lp 1 p 10 p 1 lp 1 p 10 lj 10 p 1 lp 1 p 10 p 1 lp 1 p 10 p 1 lp 1 p 10 tie back to beginning

At this point you have what looks like a big sloppy mess- don't panic just tie back into the starting point. You then shape the chain into a heart. The square knot (lj) is the bottom of the heart and where you started and ended is the top. Don't worry if the ending knot is messy because you are going to cut really close to the knot when you glue the tatting to the foam hearts.

Write messages on foam hearts using a marker. Glue the tatting to the heart, shaping as you go.
Make a loop by sandwiching ribbon between 2 hearts. When everything dries you have a pretty lacy heart ornament to hang.

How simple was that?

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  1. Hey there,
    So cute!! Love the lacy look.
    Thanks for joining the party!!
    happy crafting,


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