Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little confession

The doily in the last post isn't really completed...or at least completed to the extent I originally intended. The doily is made up of connected squares that are made in 2 rounds. I made a bunch of centers and then did the second round.
Things were progressing smoothly until-----
I ran out of thread. I went to the store and picked up a new ball, tatted away and then discovered to my horror that Opera has more than one color of ecru. This was not actually a dye lot issue, they truly have more than one shade of ecru. After some debating I decided I would stain it with a teabag or coffee afterwards to hide the different tones. I continued to make blocks and it grew larger.
BUT in a frenzy of what I can only now described as stupidity and obsessive compulsive craziness I cut out all the pieces that were the lighter color of ecru. So it went from 5x5 to 4x4. This all happened a few years ago and its been sitting in a drawer ever since.
Its stupid for it to sit in a drawer, that's why I've declared it finished.

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  1. Love your 'confession' I got a laugh out of it. Thanks for the bright spot in my day! And of course it's done - you can pretend you meant to do that!


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