Wednesday, March 11, 2009

deer and cars don't mix...

My excitement for the week was hitting a deer bang on going 100 km/h on Monday evening. The very good news is that I'm relatively undamaged and so is my car. The deer was not so lucky and hopefully died quickly. I live in Ontario and there's lots and lots of deer so I'm fortunate this is the first deer I've hit. The difficult things is you rarely see them before you hit them. My hood is dented and the grill is broke but that's about it...I'm very sore. Being sore always makes me a little bitter. Fortunately I'm a Chiropractor and I work with a very good Chiropractor so I've got the treatment of my whiplash covered.

On a brighter note, my order Boutique tatting arrived from Marilee. I also ordered some thread- Midnight oil and Winter blend. I am very happy with the package. The book is great, there's lots of pictures and she takes the time to explain anything that may be confusing. I haven't tatted any of the patterns yet, I'm hoping to get a chance on Sunday. The thread is great, her colors are always so vivid. Unfortunately I can't unwind them to use because I shoved my empty floss holders somewhere and can't find them. I've looked everywhere- they must be in a really safe place.

I've been working on a submission for the Palmetto tatdays logo. I wasn't going to this year but then it just happened. I'm finished and sent my scan in today. I'm very happy with my pattern and am looking forward to seeing other ideas. They are taking submissions until the 18th and its a fun way to challenge yourself.


  1. So glad to hear that you and your car are okay! That can be deathly for more than just the deer! Poor deer.


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