Tuesday, September 2, 2008

paradigm shift

Definition: a fundamental change in approach or assumptions

I think that I just experienced a paradigm shift in the way that I approach my tatting. It was my opinion that tatting has neither a front side nor a back side so I never bother with front sided/back sided techniques. Most people that I give my tatting to would have no idea which side was up or down so really front/back sided techniques don't apply. In fact, one of the charms about tatting is that there is no obvious front or back unlike say...knitting. Sure, tatters may notice the difference, but the average person won't. I also like the fact that I can just flip a doily if it gets a fleck on it.
However, today I voluntarily changed to front side/back side tatting for a pattern. Why? Well, some things by their nature have fronts and backs. Oh amulet bag. You have an inside and outside portion of the bag and you can't just turn it inside out and have the same thing. Another example is the rosette which by the nature of the joins looks different on the front than on the back. So, I have decided in these cases to use front sided/back sided techniques. This is a major change for me since it changes how I look at patterns and the double stitch. It also makes things a little more complicated. Crap!


  1. Yes, I think I share your sentiments regarding frontside/backside tatting. Sometimes I just don't care and othertimes it does seem to make a difference.

  2. I so agree with you over front and back sided tatting. I mainly don't worry a lot but sometimes I use it. I've also started writing my patterns down to make it easier for those who want/need to do front and back to follow. Whatever you do it's still proper tatting with a shuttle!!!
    Jane Eborall

  3. I don't purposely do it, even if the directions call for it. It really doesn't matter to me which side the waistband is on. Texture on the surface (like chain work for a rose motif) is something else and I don't view it as frontside/backside tatting. Can't say that I've ever looked for it in someone else's tatting either unless they forced me to. LOL!

    That said, it's always good to do the things that make you feel good about your craft and I'm sure you'll pick up on it easily!



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