Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fringe tatdays classes

These are my classes for the Fringe Element Tatdays this year.  The theme is "tatting is the best medicine".   Naturally when I tried to come up with a pattern I wanted to go with the theme.  The first thing that came to my minde is "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".  As a chiropractor I'm a huge advocate of preventative health so that was right up my alley.  Unfortunately, I drew a blank while trying to design an apple.  Fortunately while trying to design something else I looked at the blob of tatting and saw an apple core. So here is my apple!
The bag is supposed to resemble the traditional black doctor's bag.  Of course I couldn't use black thread for my sample.  Instead I used a lovely hand dyed thread from Karey Solomon.

In case you are wondering why I don't post very blogger app promises to post from my phone but then always fails.  I've finally given up on using blogger on my phone so more posts more often are in the future.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Awesome time at Finger Lakes Seminar (Lodi)

I had a great time on the weekend in Lodi and tatted with fabulous people. This awesome bag was made by Sheila Boniface for the Finger Lakes Seminar.  She made all the grab bags for the weekend.  We got all kinds of neat things in that bag.  I filled it with thread for the drive home.  Unfortunately I missed Monica Braxton's hand dyed thread because I talked too much! (what a surprise!)  I did get my bi-annual stash of Karey Solomon's hand-dyed thread and some of Marilee Rockley's fabulous thread.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Getting Ready for Lodi!

I spent yesterday afternoon getting my stuff ready for the Finger Lakes Tatting Seminar this weekend. This is the first time in a couple years that I'm not teaching so I'm excited about being able to relax and enjoy to weekend.  When you teach you totally miss out on the other classes!
There still a few things that need to be done.  I have to figure out what I need for each class and make sure I bring it.  I'm sure that if I forget something I can pick it up there.  I'm bringing my books and samples of the patterns.  I've already picked up my US dollars for the trip and boy did that hurt!  I've been spoiled the last couple years when the exchange rate was so close to even.
Each year I make a kit with a pattern that is sold for $1.  The money goes to a scholarship fund set up to help people attend the seminar.   I figure they get more money from the kits than anything I've donated to the silent auction!  This year I'm using magnetic beads to make a needle minder kit.
Spring Needle Minder
Kit is $1 at the Finger Lakes Tatting Seminar
April 9-10/2016
Proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A bracelet for valentine's day

This part of a bracelet that I made for my neice.  I was going to give it to her on Valentine's day but I won't see her.  Its very cold so I don't think I will be heading to my cottage.  I have the cottage winterized so it will take a long time to heat up if its -20C this weekend.  I guess that's good for all the people coming to Ottawa for Winterlude but I'm not happy.  I was hoping to spend the weekend near my sister and her family.  Oh well, more time for tatting! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tatting cabinet

Just working away tidying up my craft closet.  It's funny that we end up with so much stuff. Some things just sit there and are rarely used but we keep them "just in case".  I found that one of the best ways to tame my mess of thread was to put the balls in scrapbook cases. They are just the right height and I can see the thread through the case.  Unfortunately that doesn't work out nearly as well for my hand dyed threads.  They are separated by size into bags but I can't see every colour.  Most doilies fit nicely into the scrapbook cases for storage too.

Monday, November 30, 2015

My favourite chocolate bar

This is my favourite kind of chocolate bar...except for the Cadbury fruit and nut bars.  Laura Secord makes the best mint chocolate bars.  I'm a Girl Guides leader and it's always a struggle to find nut free chocolate for s'mores.  So I was really happy yesterday to find out they carry nut free chocolate all year round.
Speaking of Girl Guides I went to Toronto last weekend for Super Spark!  It's a training weekend for leaders. I made a bunch of swaps out of lace to give away (no tatting since I didn't have enough time).  Below is a picture of the swaps I received and the book that came in our kit.  Mark Collard was our key note speaker and he's an awesome resource if you do anything with groups of all ages.  It was a great weekend and I met a great bunch of leaders from Ottawa!

Monday, November 16, 2015

A magnifying find....

Yesterday I went to the St Marks high School craft show.  They do it as a fundraiser every year for the school.  and There's over 100 vendors that actually make there own stuff!  I get irritated when I go to a craft show and it's all stuff from China but this one never has that problem.
The problem is that it takes all my money!  Lol!  I purchased this neat magnifying glass for $20.  It had a chain but I left the chain behind because I'm going to make a beaded or tatted chain.  The vendor also had ones with horn handles but those didn't have a necklace option.  As you can see the magnifying glass is small and I thought it would be handy when tatting.  I can check to see what I've done!