Monday, November 16, 2015

A magnifying find....

Yesterday I went to the St Marks high School craft show.  They do it as a fundraiser every year for the school.  and There's over 100 vendors that actually make there own stuff!  I get irritated when I go to a craft show and it's all stuff from China but this one never has that problem.
The problem is that it takes all my money!  Lol!  I purchased this neat magnifying glass for $20.  It had a chain but I left the chain behind because I'm going to make a beaded or tatted chain.  The vendor also had ones with horn handles but those didn't have a necklace option.  As you can see the magnifying glass is small and I thought it would be handy when tatting.  I can check to see what I've done! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day

I'm watching the Legion next door preparing for the Remembrance Day Ceremony.  The are many service people in Ottawa and many uniforms walking around this morning.  We don't open until 1 pm on Remembrance Day but I'm here early anyways.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Some of the shuttles I collected in September

During September I went to the palmetto Tatdays and the fringe element Tatdays.  I also went to a national chiropractic conference in Niagara Falls.  It seems I hardly worked!
Part of the fun of the Tatdays is learning new stuff and buying stuff from friends.   I will show you the huge stash of books I purchased later but today is about shuttles.  Below is a picture of some of the shuttles I acquired through lawful means.  The bird is made by Norm Reid from the Fringe Element organizing committee.  He does a lovely job with these whimsical birds.  The one below it is a custom order by Monica at NAG studio.  The one diagonal to it is by her as well.  It's one of their newer designs, it looks like a pair of lips to me so I call it my kiss shuttle but they have a different name for it.  Finally the white shuttle is a commemorative 10th anniversary Fringe shuttle.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

An interesting post...

I just read an interesting post about Pinterest and copyright at White Threads, the blog of Yvette Stanton.  Yvette is the author, designer, publisher behind Vetty Creations' quality needlework books and embroidery products. Yvette points out that if a designer has to spend all their time chasing down infringements they won't have time for designing.
  I think there's a more important consideration- the designer may just decide to pack their bags and go home.  They'll continue to design but they won't share, leaving the rest of us to miss out.   As someone who struggled to find tatting patterns I find this a daunting prospect.  

you can read the post at

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finally in print!!!!!

I finally got my collection of bracelet patterns in print!  The actual writing was finished in March but the last few months I've been dealing with create-space to format the darn thing...So there are no random words in weird places.  I spent lots of time fiddling with pictures and photoshopping.  Made some changes after reviews by my proof reader Joanie Culverhouse.  
Overall I'm happy with the results...although I'm not sure the increased distribution is worth the irritation of formatting. However it looks awesome! Here it is on Amazon and the kindle version will be available soon.  
I've ordered a few copies to bring with me to Palmetto tat days and the Fringe tat days in September.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

There and gone

It's been a wasteful few weeks.  On Canada day I signed an agreement to purchase this house:
So I thought I was moving and got my house ready to sell.  When  we did the inspection there was asbestos in the attic.  No worries though the seller agreed to take the cost of the remediation (removal of the asbestos) off the cost of the house.  So I would hire and oversee the removal once I had the house.  I also agreed to take on the cost of re-dry walling the ceiling that would have to be removed to get access to all areas of the attic.  This put back my moving schedule a few weeks but I was gonna roll with it...Until...They asked for more money when we went to do the final deal!  I wasn't okay with that new wreck.    Seriously, in big picture it's not a lot of money but for me it's a lot. It turns out the realestate agent had other people interested and felt free to try for more.  Considering the state of the house I was surprised there were multiple offers but the location is prime.  I'm going to watch the area for another to come in the market over the next few years.   In the meantime I'm sad about losing a potentially great house.  (Although it's awful right now)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hosta Heavan

On the weekend I found myself at a loss trying to find unique Hostas.  So I finally googled ottawa garden centers and found the Rideau Woodland Ramble.  They have 100 different varieties of Hostas.  It's a great place to not only purchase perennials for their garden but also to see them growing.  There's a collection of paths that take you through the woods and along a pond.  It's a beautiful experience even if you aren't looking for plants.