Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Every Child Matters Day 1

Every Child Matters Day 1 
Vickii Clarke 2021 
Size 20 Orange Lizbeth Thread

Terms are on yesterday's post
Shuttle tatters: 3 yards on shuttle, CTM with ball
Needle Tatters: regular tail 
R 8 vsp 8 vsp 8 vsp 8 
C 8 vsp 4 vsp 4 lj (1st vsp) 8 vsp 8 lj (next vsp) 8 vsp 8 lj (next vsp) 4 vsp 4 vsp 8 lj (to beginning)
 Do not cut ends See you tomorrow!

Thee pattern this year is aimed at highlighting Orange Shirt Day (September 30th). This is a day when we honour the Indigenous children who were sent away to residential schools in Canada and learn more about the history of those schools.

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